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Let’s get creative! Yes, you!

Let’s get creative!

Does that statement have you shaking your head and muttering, “Nope, not me. I’m not creative.”?

Here's the thing, I truly believe everyone is creative. Yes, even you!

So many people think creativity only applies to artsy types, those who paint, sculpt, write, sing, etc. Yes, creating art is the heart of creativity. But if we accept a broader definition, that creativity is simply transforming your ideas, imagination, and dreams into reality. We can all tap into the power of creativity in every situation!

Try adjusting your mindset about creativity. Engaging in creative expression has an enormously positive effect on your sense of self. It brings you into direct contact and connection with your true nature.

Consider some of your “regular” activities as creative. See what you learn about yourself and the impact you can have on your activity. Thinking of these activities as creative, gives you permission to explore other perspectives.

  • Cooking a new recipe

  • Making a music playlist

  • Designing a project/program schedule

  • Snapping pictures on your smartphone

  • Solving a problem

  • Fixing a broken machine

  • Doing a puzzle

Embracing a creative mindset during these “regular” activities allows us to stretch, grow, and activate untapped areas of our minds. We feel immensely satisfied, alive, and proud of ourselves as a result. Intentionally seeking out opportunities to be creative helps us learn to overcome fear and anxiety, which translates into valuable personal growth.

I know asking you to be creative can be scary and uncomfortable. What you may not realize is the vulnerability and anxiety you are grappling with is what makes the creative process so worthwhile. We are rewarded with an expanded sense of self, strength, courage, and confidence.

Try out these simple (I know, not easy) creativity skills.

  • Be curious and ask open ended questions.

  • Be engaged and offer observations to encourage the exploration.

  • Really connect with the situation and challenge your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

  • Experiment with something new, an idea, an ingredient, a perspective.

It’s through creativity we experience and discover our completely unique gifts and contributions to the world. For nothing makes us feel more self-pride and greater self-worth than when we act courageously and break our own belief barriers.

Contact me at if you are interested in exploring these ideas or how to design your unique path to live fully. Schedule 30 minutes with me!

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