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It's not just your car that needs alignment work

Align your: body, mind, and heart. Your personal alignment requires ongoing maintenance to keep you mentally safe and operating at your very best.

I have heard the word alignment so many times this last week ~~ in so many different contexts.

Our car’s wheels are out of alignment.

Our work is not aligned with the vision of our organization.

Our body is out of alignment in a yoga pose or golf swing.

Our views are not aligned with others.

Our values are not in alignment with our work.

What do all these situations have in common ~~ a feeling or sense that something is not right ~~ we are out of alignment. It may be a vibration in the car. For our own alignment it may be an uncomfortable feeling in your heart or body. When you are out of alignment, you may feel stressed, sick, anxious, or resentful. You may be blocking things like happiness, connection, creativity, abundance.

Getting the car fixed is of course a must for your safety and to ensure the car operates properly today and into the future.

What if your personal alignment needs the same maintenance to keep you mentally safe and operating at your very best?

For life, there are three major components to creating alignment: your body, your mind, and your heart. The three are interdependent, so by caring for one, you indirectly care the for the others, which contributes to your sense of alignment.

Envision an equilateral triangle (all sides equal and balanced). When one angle is pulled out of alignment, the entire triangle becomes misaligned and a bit wonky. In the same way, when you neglect your body, your mind, or your heart, you become misaligned.

Ideas for personal alignment maintenance.

Practice yoga. Yoga can help you create and maintain alignment. It opens your body, which creates ease in your heart and mind. It relaxes your thinking, which releases tension and anxiety in your body and heart. It opens your heart, which helps you find comfort in your body and mind.

Practice meditation. Meditation can help you quickly come back into alignment Here is a simple meditation focused on connecting to your own heartbeat. Something you have with you anywhere, anytime.

~~ Place the 4 fingers of your right hand on the inside of your left wrist.

~~ Press gently and wait until you can feel your pulse. It’s okay if this takes a minute. I promise it’s there.

~~ Close your eyes and breathe long and deep.

~~ With each beat of your pulse, silently repeat a mantra at the speed of your own heartbeat. It could be ~~

~ I am safe, I am safe…

~ You could count ~~ 1…2, 1…2

~ Keep it simple ~~ heartbeat, heartbeat

~ Use the Sanskrit mantra ~~ Sat Nam, Sat Nam ~~ which means “Truth is my name.”

As you practice this meditative technique, give yourself permission to relax. You do not need to do anything else but repeat the mantra to the beat of your pulse.

Explore your creativity. Creativity brings you into alignment with your true nature. Your creativity may not show up as “artsy” and that is okay! With that said, I do believe everyone is creative. Next time you are engaged in a “regular” active such as cooking, making a playlist, planning a project/program, fixing a broken machine, think of it as a creative active. Doing so gives you permission to relax, get playful, and explore the activity with a new perspective.

Be present. The present is the only moment you can fully align with yourself. Understand the past is a great teacher and the future holds potential. But do not get stuck in the past or caught in the “when this or that happens, I will be…” trap. Practice the power of the present moment, right here, right now.

Hire a life coach. With the hustle and bustle of life, changes in your work or personal life, and the ongoing pursuit of happiness ~~ many times being someone else's definition and expectations ~~ it is completely understandable you feel not in alignment with your authentic self. Working with a coach, you are able to realign with your true self by clearly defining what matters most to you, what motivates you, what inspires you, and what drives you.

We are pulled out of alignment on a routine basis, it is a part of the flow of life. Finding your way to do personal alignment maintenance will keep you safe and living fully!

If these ideas intrigue you and you want to explore your personal alignment maintenance with me, schedule a free 30-minute consultation. You can also join my mailing list below to keep in touch.

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