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Use the right tool. Consider scaffolding instead of a ladder.

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

What amazing things could you do if you felt safe, supported, and not scared?

After years of climbing the proverbial corporate ladder...

striving to get ahead, pushing to move up, and struggling not fall in the process…

I realized a better way for me was to build scaffolding to support me.

So, what does that mean?

I created a framework for me to truly live fully. A scaffolding not a ladder to provide safety, flexibility, and the feeling of being supported.

Think of the scaffolding you see at any construction site. It is designed to provide support to the workers. It allows them flexibility, to reach up and move over as they work. It is designed for safety, both for the workers and the people around the worksite.

My scaffolding is uniquely mine and like me, always under construction! With that said, the basic components can be used by everyone to construct their own scaffolding.

Here are some parts to consider.

Define your values. When the things you do and the way you show up align with your values, life is usually good. You are fulfilled, satisfied, and content. However, when things do not align with your personal values, things simply feel wrong or off. Understanding and choosing to live your values nurtures your internal capacity for confidence.

Understand your limiting beliefs. Your old mindsets and perspectives served you well in the past, perhaps even protected you. Today, these ideas may be holding you back from living fully. Digging in and exploring your limiting beliefs can be messy, but oh so satisfying when you can let them go or at least understand how to manage them.

Choose to choose. One of the biggest drains on your energy is the feeling of not having a choice. You may believe you have to do something or should do something, In reality, you have a choice in every moment. While the circumstances or situation may be out of your control, you can choose to choose. In other words, be aware of the options you have and explore which path you want to choose.

Cultivate connections. When you know yourself and accept every part of you, your mind, body, and spirit are connected. This connection translates into a feeling of harmony, where everything works together seamlessly. From this self-connection, you become aware that there is no separation between you and the person you live with, and you and the person you have never met. You are connected to everything and everyone.

Reflection questions

  • What amazing things could you do if you felt safe, supported, and not scared?

  • What can you do to become more aware of your values?

  • What limiting belief is holding you back from living fully?

  • How would it feel to choose to choose, being aware that you always have a choice?

  • What would it feel like to be totally connected to yourself, those people around you, and what you are doing?

If these questions or topics intrigue you and you want to explore with me or begin construction on your own scaffolding, schedule a free 30-minute consultation. You can also join my mailing list below to keep in touch.

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